Scrawny Kid

From a scrawny kid with no skivvies until 3rd grade

Trudgin’ to school on slippers both for left leg

Often cast off by family for being a rebel and a hothead

Ditched by parents coz it was suited

A son no one really wanted


Laughed by friends for being a sickly loser

I thought would I be cool a stoner?

But life is short, why make it shorter?

So I kept myself sober while I constantly mulled my future over

Always thought accountants are great, but how to get there?

At sixteen, I was broke, owns nothing but shabby oversized sneakers

Everyone said I was a toast, but I was a believer

I know I’m a little clever and always a dreamer


Odds stacked against me

Not even you would have had any faith in me

Told I’ll never achieve anything in life by no less a family

But I was foolish, always crazy

I paid little attention to all the negativity

I went out, grind out, hustled, did things the hard way


So at twenty I was a C.P.A.

Too young from taking oath at P.R.C.

Told to go back at twenty-one coz it’s a policy

At twenty-two I got a job at PNB

At twenty-seven I was married and havin’ a baby

At thirty two I’ve got a Master’s Degree

At thirty-four I was driving an XV

Thirty-six. Beyond blessed. Grateful first of all to God Almighty

Beyond thankful for a loving wife, two kids, brothers, and everyone in the family.

Wait.. did i tell you I also sport a badass scuplted body?


But I know up ain’t no certain

Down south I could be headin’

But scrawny kid ain’t sweatin’

Like time, life’s constantly changin’

Just got to keep movin’, always evolvin’

Never stop discoverin’, keep on learnin’

Coz he not busy bein’ born, is busy dyin’








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